Puzzlu game【Onogra Extra】


Title         :OnograExtra
Price        :Free(Ad)
Category  :Puzzle game
OS           :Android

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A new sensation falling thing puzzle game that can continue to operate without stopping.

Manipulate the blocks on the ground and let’s erase the blocks quickly.


Ver 1.1.0

Ver 1.2.0

· It can be operated without stopping even in combo.
· 4 modes can be enjoyed by selecting two disappearing methods and two color number of block.
· Equipped with practice mode

Game description

It is a game that puzzles are done by manipulating blocks on the ground.

You can grab by touching the block. After grabbing, you can swap blocks by moving your fingers up, down, left and right.

If you move the block three consecutive times, the block will rise towards the ceiling.

When rising, the block on top will also rise together.

Blocks arriving at the ceiling will Remove when you align three or more same colors.

You can choose from two methods of block removal.


It disappears when three or more are arranged vertically or horizontally.


When three or more are arranged vertically or horizontally, the same color around them disappears together.

At the beginning of the game you can start by choosing between two disappearing methods.

You can also set the color of the block together.

3 colors (red · blue · yellow)
5 colors (red · blue · yellow · white · black)

It is a screen to select how to remove and color.

About game mode

Onogra Extra has two game modes.

Normal mode to start by selecting the start button on the title screen

Practice mode to start by selecting the practice button on the title screen

Normal mode

In normal mode, one row of blocks will appear on the ceiling with the game start.

After that, one row of blocks are added one by one as time elapses.

When the block is overloaded, the game will end, so you will be in the mode to remove blocks one after another.

Practice mode

In practice mode you can practice puzzles.
*Unlike normal mode, blocks are not added to the ceiling.

During practice mode, the mission is displayed, and when you clear the mission the next mission will be displayed.

While practicing the puzzle, try to challenge the mission.




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