Puzzlu game【Onogra Extra】

Puzzlu game【Onogra Extra】

Title         :OnograExtra
Price        :Free(Ad)
Category  :Puzzle game
OS           :Android

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A new puzzle game combining match 3 and Falling block puzzle game.


Ver 1.1.0


This is a puzzle game where three or more blocks of the same color are placed and deleted.When you move three times the ground block rises and goes up.The blocks that climb above will disappear when the same colors are available. Let’s quickly erase the block and aim for a high score.

Already released オノグラFunction added version.
In game mode Add practice mode.How to erase a block Add extra mode.


On the title screen, press the start button to enter the normal mode.Push the practice button and start the game in practice mode

・normal mode:Game over when certain conditions are met.Instead of becoming game over, you can increase the type of dressup by issuing a high score.

・practice mode:Eliminate game over in certain conditions.There is no game over, you can not increase the type of dress.

Score: You can display the score of past 10 times in normal mode and practice mode.
When the high score is updated, the background …. (When you tap the level, the number of combos is displayed. Tap game mode to switch.)

Dress up: You can change the dress of a big block (Big Gura) on the right side of the game screen. At the beginning, there is only one, but when you give out a high score the kind will increase.
Maximum level    : Up to 8 more are added.
Maximum Combo: Up to 4 more are added.

Start or Practice Press the button to display the screen below.

On the upper side you can select how the block disappears.Normal mode on the left. Right is extra mode.
・Normal mode:If three or more blocks of the same color are arranged vertically or horizontally on the upper side of the screen, they disappear.

・Extra mode   :All blocks of the same color vertically or horizontally adjacent will disappear

Normal mode

Extra mode

The lower side shows selection of the color number of the block.Left three colors,5 colors to the right.
・three colors:Red, Blue, Yellow
・5 colors:Red, Blue, Yellow, black, white